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  • Afgani Momo

    Momo is a type of dumpling dish popular primarily in Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, and India.…
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  • Aloo Gobhi

    Aloo gobi is a vegetarian dish from the Indian subcontinent made with potatoes, cauliflower, and…
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  • Anda Maggi Noodls

    Made with a blend of finely ground and whole spices, and herbs, the all new…
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  • Bhindi Fry

    Bhendi Fry is stir fried okra that is slit and stuffed with spice mix such…
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  • Black Tea

    Black tea, also translated to red tea in various Asian languages, is a type of tea…
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  • Bread Butter

    “Bread and butter” is a superstitious blessing or charm, typically said by young couples or friends…
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  • Bun Omlet

    The omelette culture thrives even now through many irani cafes or derivatives there-off and through…
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  • Chapati (Roti)

    Chapati is a form of roti or rotta (bread). The words are often used interchangeably. Chapatis,…
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  • Sale!

    Cheese Ball

    Cheese puffs, cheese curls, cheese balls, cheese ball puffs, cheesy puffs, or corn curls are…
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  • Cheese grilled sandwich

    A grilled cheese is a hot sandwich typically prepared by heating one or more slices…
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  • Cheese Pizza

    Pizza is a dish of Italian origin consisting of a usually round, flat base of…
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  • Chicken Burger

    A mighty meaty double helping of all the reasons you love our burger.
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  • Chicken Burger

    A burger is defined by how the meat is prepared. The chicken in that sandwich…
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  • Chicken Butter Masala

    Butter chicken, traditionally known as Murgh makhani, is a type of curry made from chicken…
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  • Chicken Chowmein

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  • Chicken Curry

    Chicken curry is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is common in the…
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